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What do our web design services include?

High Quality Web Design

Using the best website design and renovation practices, we'll make sure your new website is fast, simple, and effective at generating leads. All of our clients receive the same level of care and professionalism around their website builds, so you can be certain your website is in great hands.

Effective SEO

What would it be worth for your business to rank number one on Google? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about getting your business recognised on search engines. Just google it! Without proper SEO practices, your website is doomed to wander the depths of Google's abyss forever. That's where a professional SEO agency comes in. We use high-quality SEO tactics on all our websites to give them the best possible chance of ranking highly on Google.

Security and Maintenance

When you leave your car at the shop, you lock the doors. Same thing when you go to bed at night, because you want to keep your belongings safe! Well, a website is no different! SEO-optimised, fast, and efficient websites are valuable assets, and unfortunately, are regularly targeted by unsavoury people wanting a piece of your hard work. That's why we offer website security and maintenance for all our website builds!

Friendly Support

We're here to help grow your business, so naturally we offer our clients ongoing support! Quality email support is readily available, and we can provide training if you wish to run your brand new (or renovated) website yourself. Alternatively, we also offer full website support, so you can get back to running your business!



Good Blokes Making Great Websites

Helping your business succeed online

The Website Blokes are exactly what the name suggest. We’re just good blokes who make great websites. We have lots of fun and love building solid relationships with our clients. In fact, our great rapport with clients is what sets us apart from our competitors. 

And because we love the people we work with, we want to see their businesses succeed more than anything. So we do everything we can to help your business thrive online. Whether you’re from a large corporate or a small side-hustle, we treat all of our clients with the same care and professionalism. All of our website builds come with careful keyword research and planning, and high-quality Search Engine Optimisation practices. That means you’ll have the best chance of getting found on Google, and have lots of fun working with us!

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No-Nonsense, effective website design

Making your new website build a breeze

Getting a website built can be a real nuisance. Domain names, URLs, hosting, email setup, content create, SEO, page speed, and responsiveness may as well be written in Swedish for most of us. 

But fear not! We’ll look after all the boring, confusing website nonsense, while you crack on with running your business. We can sort out domain names, URLs, provide hosting, create email accounts and content, provide on and off-page SEO, ensure all pages are responsive, manage page speed, and much, much more!

With a background in education, we’re also pretty good at explaining all  this confusing jargon in non-computer nerd terms too. 

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Meet some of our happy clients!

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Amy Simpson

Owner- Glow Vibes

Joel from The Website Bloke created a terrific website for my business. The website has produced many enquiries from clients wanting my services through direct phone calls and emails. He wrote several detailed articles for the website, which helped my site become easier to search on google.