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New Web Design Mildura: Glow Vibes

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Glowvibes is a new massage and beauty parlor in Mildura Victoria. When they reached out to us, they wanted to increase their online presence, and ultimately get more bookings for their services.

Glowvibes was a fantastic client to work with, and already had its own colour palettes and logos, which made the building process much smoother.

During this project, we completed some pretty standard web development and SEO tasks. These included:

-Domain name purchase and registration
-SSL certificate issuing
-Email account creation
-Keyword research
On-page SEO
Website design and build with three key purpose areas
-Package of SEO-optimised articles
-Ongoing hosting and security

How long does it take for SEO to kick in?

Generally, SEO takes 6-12 months to kick in. This depends on the niche, your competitors, and the scope of your website. Some local business websites can start ranking within 3-6 months, but this should not be expected.

In this case, once the website was up and running, it took around 5 months for the search engines to notice Glowvibes, and closer to 8 or 9 months to really get rolling. But once Mr. Google did cast his eyes on the new website, the results were fantastic!

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Does SEO work for small business?

Absolutely, yes! The results of Glowvibes speak for themselves. currently has thousands of impressions (showing up on google searches) each month, with many of their keywords ranking on the first page of google. But the most pleasing thing of all, (thanks to our Mildura SEO Agency) this tiny, brand-new business is now ranking ahead of many well-established massage and beauty businesses in Mildura. Some of which are multi-million-dollar franchises! That’s because the best way to get your website front and centre on Google, is to use high quality SEO strategies.

The end result has been a massive influx of inquiries and bookings for the owner, who could not be happier with the performance of her new website.

Naturally, without ongoing content creation, these pages will not continue to rank highly forever. Regular, SEO-optimised content creation and link-building campaigns are the best ways to keep ranking highly on Google.

If premium quality web design and ranking highly in search engines is appealing to you, get in touch to see how we can help SEO your website too!