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Website Security
& Maintenance

We'll keep your website running smoothly

Let The Website Blokes keep your business safe and running smooth

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Storage & Backup

Secure storage and backup to keep your website safe and running smoothly. 

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Reporting & Analysis

We keep a track of your websites performance so we can diagnose issues quickly.

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Ongoing Maintenance

Keeping on top of things such as plugin and theme updates, and broken link checking. 

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Site Security Monitoring

24 hour website security monitoring and troubleshooting., 

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Check out our Website Maintenance Packages

Browse our selection of website maintenance packages. From barebones hosting packages, through to the Big Dog SEO package, you’ll find a package to suit your needs. 

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Essential security

When you leave your car at the shop, you lock the doors. Same thing when you go to bed at night, because you want to keep your belongings safe! Well, a website is no different! SEO-optimised, fast, and efficient websites are valuable assets, and unfortunately, are regularly targeted by unsavoury people wanting a piece of your hard work. That's why we offer website security and maintenance for all our website builds!

Some of our helpful security services

Website maintenance

The risk of online threats is growing by the day, as malicious characters try to get their slice of your hard work. That's why we use the latest techniques to keep your website safe. Additionally, we also take steps to ensure your website is kept safe from human error! Sometimes, plugins or updates can cause errors on your websites. With our regular updates and monitoring, you can be sure your site is safe and secure.

Some of our helpful maintenance services

Let us help you keep your website strong and secure!